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James N. Macri


Jane D. Macri


Sarah C. Macri


V. James Macri


Elizabeth J. Macri


Our Thoughts About Dee


I have so many fond memories of Dee, but  even more than memories, I have characteristics and qualities as a  person that I thank Dee for giving me. She has truly shaped me as a  person and I’m a better, stronger person because of Dee, there is no  doubt about it. She set the course for our whole family when she entered  this world and we were the lucky ones who got to have Dee in our lives.

Sarah Macri - Dee's Sister

Dee had a way of brightening all of our  lives. She taught us so much about life, about people and about how even  though we face adversity there is nothing that can’t be accomplished.

Jim Macri - Dee's Brother

I know Dee’s memory will live on within  all of us. I think we often feel that families  shape children (their interests, their strengths, their attitudes and  goals). And that is often true; but, in large measure, Dee also made us,  individually and as a family, who we are today. Dee, your life will  embrace us forever.

Elizabeth Macri - Dee's Sister